USEF has passed two new rules concerning horse welfare. The first rule concerns the use of the following drugs: Dexamethasone, Ketoprofen and Methocarbamol.

The dose for Methocarbamol and Ketoprofen is unchanged, but may not be administered within 12 hours of competition. The dose for Dexamethasone has been reduced from 20 mg/1000 lbs. to 10 mg/1000 lbs. No part of the dose may be administered within 12 hours of competition. Dexamethasone may not be given for more than 5 days. These rules went into effect January 1, 2014 and were enforced beginning July 1, 2014.

A second rule requires that any horse that collapses during a competition must be investigated. A collapse is defined as a fall for no apparent reason. The horse would then be subject to drug testing and/or veterinary inspection.