Horse Breeding

foal lying down in a field

Good breeding begins with evaluating the mare and selecting a stallion. Our experienced vet can assess your mare and assist in determining the characteristics and genetics to look for in a stallion. Successful breeding depends on diligence from the Veterinary Professional and the Owner/Breeder. Verifying and maintaining the good health of the mare and stallion is necessary for excellent results. When done properly, greater than 90% of normal mares can be bred in one cycle with fresh or cooled semen. Safe and Sound Equine Service is uniquely equipped to provide breeding program consultation, stallion handling for live coverage, and artificial insemination.


Once your mare is in foal, it is important that she receive proper pre-natal care for her health and that of the foal. Pregnant mares should continue to receive vaccinations appropriate to our area. We can advise on the special nutritional requirements necessary to produce a normal healthy foal.


The birth of a foal is an exciting event and proceeds normally in most instances. If problems or abnormalities are detected, our equine veterinarian can evaluate the situation and establish procedures or treatments necessary to protect the mare and foal. Once the foal is on the ground and nursing, it is advisable for the doctor to examine both mare and foal to verify all is well.

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